Hi, I'm Micah

I have an affinity for yards and a particular trademarked game that rhymes with "abble," even though I am not particularly skilled at it. As a result, I began creating Yarbble as a gift for my friends. the size of the board makes it much more interactive and conversational.

During a conversation with my childhood friend, Levi, he expressed his discontent with his current job at a large corporation's factory. He stated, "I can't continue working there, but I don't have any other options."

Inspired, I proposed a potential solution: "What if we transformed Yarbble into a business? If we generate a profit, you can quit your job and escape the corporate America factory line."

Levi agreed to resign from his position if Yarbble generates enough revenue for him to sustain himself. Now, Levi and I are doing Yarbble together so we can do something we enjoy together.


Levi is the "Yarbble Renaissance Man". He once built a working replica of the Colosseum out of toothpicks. He can juggle chainsaws while reciting the entire periodic table of elements backwards. When he's not busy being awesome, he's working as a hand model for a well-known brand of dish soap. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of Greek history, can sing the Tarzan soundtrack better than Elton John AND can recite every line of "The Princess Bride" from memory.

Okay, so maybe we're exaggerating a bit, but Levi really is an essential part of the Yarbble team. His passion for working with his hands and his love for creating and inventing new FUN things make him an invaluable asset to everyone around him. When he's not busy being the "Yarbble Renaissance Man," Levi enjoys hobby farming, building home-made gym equipment, and sipping on fancy drinks.